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Lac Hong team made Urban Concept Battery electric with 129,3 km/kWh

Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2018 in Singapore

Four years achieved the champion SEM Asia contest in Urban Concept Fuel efficient with internal combustion Engine and Battery electric car.

Every year, Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition will attract all students interested fuel efficient in Prototype and Urban Concept vehicle.

LHU team has come to SEM Asia from 2014, two years consecutive winner in an internal combustion engine with 185 km/l Ethanol E100. In 2017 and 2018, they were continuous get the champion in Battery electric winner with 129.3 km/kwh.

Fig 1: Battery electric car achieved 129,3 km/kwh

How far can you get by push?

LHU team has made the lightweight car body with carbon fiber material. The dynamic car body has simulated reduced air resistance to find out the best shape model to build the car. Using the 3D – printer machine to manufacture the shape model, the mold design will produce from this model and using the carbon fiber is to cover car body.

The chassis design will be made from alloy steel and manufactured by CNC machine. It is a good enough strength and safety. The roll bar has covered the head and shoulder of the driver. The Seat belt 5 points are fixing on the frame and adjusting cables. It is a safety when the car runs at a speed of 50 km/h.

Fig 2: Carbon Fiber material car body

Using the small motor and the motor controller to control the action of the propulsion system, the gear clutch will operate when the motor rotates and interrupted if the motor is not working. The average speed of the vehicle is controlled automatic predicted by the sensor.

Using the computer to control fuel consumption through the motor controller. Using the small engine and reducing the friction of all bearing to get highly efficient. The joulemeter is set up to calculate amount energy use, all electrical equipment is connected through the joulemeter.

Fig 3: LH-EST Lac Hong University

LHU team have been made the lightweight car, glide, less grad, less friction and rolling resistance. The power supply energy is high density and optimal condition propulsion system, speed and driving style. They have break score of fuel-efficient every year.

Fig 4: SEM Asia Technical Inspection (SEM Asia 2018)

In the future, they will make the Automation Urban Concept and joint AUC competition in France.

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