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Efficient fuel with carbon fiber material of car body

 Student of Lac Hong University make the car with Carbon fiber material

Several years ago, Lac Hong teams have manufacture car body with different material such as Foam, composite and Carbon fiber material. The car body design will be design based on the official rule of Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.

Fig1: Body design with Foam material

The vehicle maximum height must be less than 1300mm, vehicle wheelbase is 1000mm, vehicle width is 1300mm and total length is 3500 mm.

Lac Hong University has investigated the carbon fiber material to use for the car body. It is important to reducing the light weight of vehicle design.

Fig2: Car body with Composite material

Using clay to make the shape, it is easy to modify a curved surface reducing material cost to make the mold. Efficient economy from this material is the low cost to build the car. The carbon fiber material is cover the mold, using Vacuum equipment to modify flow material and clean glue on the surface.

Fig3: Mold Design

The study gives out the best weight with Carbon fiber material is 7 kg. The composite material is 20 kg and Foam material is 35 kg.

Fig4: Lac Hong University team

Therefore, the Lac Hong team has the best weight in the total weight of the vehicle, it reduces fuel consumption in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia contest.

Written by: Le Phuong Long

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