Racing Car 2023 returns to the track with IoT technology application.

    With just over 48 hours remaining, Lac Hong University officially opens the Mini Car Racing 2022 - 2023 season 3. The event takes place at 7:00 a.m. on March 25, 2023, at Campus 2 of the University.

    With the aim of creating an academic playground, enhancing creativity, passion for scientific research, and helping students keep up with the trends of modern engineering, the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics of Lac Hong University continues to organize the Mini Car Racing 2022 - 2023 competition. Through this, students are challenged to apply IoT technology to remotely control model cars via RF waves.

    The race promises to bring many dramatic moments on the Racing Car 2023 track, with the participation of several female students.

     Additionally, this year, the organizing committee has made significant improvements to the race track and expanded the participant pool. This will undoubtedly add more excitement and vibrancy to the competition. In the future, Mini Car Racing aims to be a gathering place for self-driving programmed cars.

    Mini Car Racing involves model cars powered by lawn mower engines - 2-stroke petrol engines with a cylinder displacement of 22 - 30 cm3, designed and manufactured by students themselves, accounting for at least 50%. They have a structure and operating principle similar to real cars but in a smaller size.

    Racing Car, after two successful seasons, has received enthusiastic responses from Lac Hong University students in general and students from the Automotive Engineering Technology Department of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics in particular. This comeback has attracted 34 competing teams, including many female racers, promising exciting and dramatic races.

    Racing Car 2023 returns with many attractive prizes:

    1 first prize: 5 million VND, trophy, certificate of merit, certificate.

    1 second prize: 3 million VND, certificate of merit, certificate.

    1 third prize: 1 million VND, certificate of merit, certificate.

    1 media award: 1 million VND, certificate of merit, certificate.

    Don't forget, we have a date with Racing Car 2023 this weekend on March 25th. Starting from the quarter-finals, the race track will be livestreamed on Lac Hong University fanpage. We invite you to come and watch, support the participating teams, and vote for the audience's choice award.

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