Lac Hong Racing Car 2023 Leads Students' Creativity Without Barriers

    With the encouragement and support from their teachers, students of the Automotive Engineering Department, Mechatronics and Electronics Faculty, actively participated in the racing event organized within the campus.

    racing car

    On the morning of March 25, 2023, the university's leadership, represented by TS. Lam Thanh Hien - Rector of LHU, and PGS.TS Nguyen Vu Quynh - Vice Rector of LHU, arrived early at Campus 2, LHU, to cheer on the 32 teams of students who self-built "super cars" participating in the Lac Hong Racing Car 2023 competition. Prior to that, the university had granted permission for the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics to transform the campus into a terrain racing track. Thanks to such a grand scale event, students majoring in Automotive Engineering had the opportunity to become "F1 racers" controlling the cars they had meticulously built. This integration of knowledge with practical application proved to be highly beneficial.

    racing car

    LH - IMMORTAL 2 successfully defended their championship title.

    The cars came in various shapes and speeds. There were times when cars crashed into obstacles or even broke down and decided not to run anymore. What was particularly noteworthy was that the organizers required students to design and assemble at least 50% of the cars.

    Dr. Pham Van Toan - Dean of the Mechatronics and Electronics Faculty presented the Second Prize to LH - TESLA running on petrol.

    Each team chose different solutions to help their cars overcome the terrain and obstacles on the track. Alongside the challenging obstacles were impressive sprint finishes. This created excitement and enthusiasm throughout the competition.

    This event served as a valuable playground for students beyond the theoretical classroom hours. Students could apply the knowledge they had learned to participate in the production and manufacturing of mini cars. Then, they used RF remote control to "drive" these cars along the race track, which the Organizing Committee had set up with numerous obstacles.

    racing car

    Dr.Nguyen Van Trung - Director of the Center of Admissions and Public Relations congratulated LH - FLASH 1 on winning the Third Prize overall.

    After 19 intense matches, the defending champion of Lac Hong Racing Car 2022 successfully defended their championship title, with the following overall results:

    First Prize: LH - IMMORTAL 2

    Second Prize: LH - TESLA running on petrol

    Third Prize: LH - FLASH 1

    Media Award: LH - HEINEKEN

    Through this competition, Lac Hong University provided opportunities for students to learn while having fun, to establish real-world connections, thereby honing important skills, especially teamwork. Additionally, they gained insights into automotive technology

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